Safety First: Maintaining Your Telescopic Seating

We can't control when our fans will return in full force, but we can control how we prepare for their arrival. Now more than ever, safety and precaution are the standards. And, perhaps fortunately, right now there's some time to tend to housekeeping issues. 

We've been sharing and applying best practices for maintaining fixed seating and the role of cleaning and disinfecting to contain the spread of COVID-19 and provide for the safety of returning guests. Now we'll focus on maintaining your Irwin Telescopic Seating.   

Preventative maintenance is always a good idea. In some instances, it's mandated. Telescopic seating is subject to International Code Council Standards (ICC-300), which require annual inspection and maintenance of new and existing telescopic seating by a qualified person. The venue owner must be able to provide a current certificate of inspection.  Our certified technicians are available to inspect and service your Irwin telescopic seating.  

O Connell Center

Irwin Telescopic Inspections 

Our telescopic units are engineered and built to stand up to all sorts of stress. The seating conditions can change rapidly. Problems occur if components become loose, worn, or damaged, so Irwin is attentive to every detail during our Full Service Inspections. Our factory-trained and certified inspectors perform a complete assessment of your system, including safety, operation, and structural components. All telescopic components are evaluated for compliance with Irwin Seating installation and operational instructions. Inspection helps identify issues that may not be apparent during regular use, such as the damaged power cord and missing bolt shown in the photos below below:

Damaged Power Cable DetectedMissing bolt detected

Our intensive inspection service includes the following:

  • Factory-trained and certified technicians
  • Comprehensive telescopic seating examination
  • Detailed findings report
  • Repair and service recommendations
  • Evaluation of spare parts inventory for replenishment
  • Annual benchmark for predictive maintenance

Take care of your investment, and keep those fans safe. If you have Irwin Telescopic product, take advantage of our Annual Inspection Agreement. Contact us today! 


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