Configure your gymnasium seating - maximizing space and the audience experience

Greenback-6489Now that you’re familiar with how your gymnasium space will be utilized and your seating capacity, you should begin thinking about configuration. The configuration of your seating is key to the flexibility of your gymnasium and the safety and comfort of your guests. 

Sports guidelines will dictate the depth of the perimeter for competition courts, factoring space for team seating, judges and scorer’s tables, and spectator passage. Since most gymnasiums will also support their community with non-sporting events, a flexible seating plan will allow you to quickly transition your space. Additionally, plan to factor in seating features that are important to all events, such as wheelchair spaces, video platforms and differentiated seating areas that can be designated for parents, boosters or faculty. 

Gymnasium seating can be fixed to a wall, free-standing and retractable, portable, or a combination of those options.  The diagrams below illustrate various options for seating configuration, shown in open and closed positions.

Fixed Seating Configurations

Wall Attached, Open Position
Wall Attached Open positionWall Attached, Closed PositionWall Attached Closed positionRecessed, Open Position Recessed Open positionRecessed, Closed PositionRecessed Closed positionForward/Reverse Fold, Main Floor Application, Open Position Forward Reverse Fold Main Floor OpenForward/Reverse Fold, Main Floor Application, Closed Position Forward/Reverse Fold, Balcony Application, Open PositionForward Reverse Fold Balcony openForward/Reverse Fold, Balcony Application, Closed PositionForward Reverse Fold Balcony closed

Portable/Movable Seating

Portable, movable seating provides flexible configuration option for gymnasiums with limited space and high demand spaces with a variety of events.  These portable units can be transported with portable lift trucks or integral lift systems, as shown below. 

Portable/Movable Seating with Portable Lift Trucksportable movablePortable/Movable Seating with Integral Lift System Portable Moveable with integral liftWe hope you'll keep Irwin Seating Company in mind for your next gymnasium project!  Our experienced team of professionals will work with you from architectural CAD drawings through code considerations to final layouts.  Visit our blogs frequently, for more mind share on what we do best! 


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