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Anne Chapman

Anne Chapman is a member of the Irwin Seating marketing team. She has a deep understanding of upholstery fabric trends, performance standards and durability. She is also passionate about sustainability and event experiences.

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Components of Safe, Accessible Gym Seating

Welcome back to our ongoing series on Gymnasium Seating.  We'll begin with a brief re-cap of the topics we've explored to-date.  We began with an...
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Gymnasium Building Codes 101- Rules of Accessibility

Codes govern construction practices to ensure that all aspects of building construction are safe and durable. ASCE 7 (2016) has long been the...
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Configure your gymnasium seating - maximizing space and the audience experience

Now that you’re familiar with how your gymnasium space will be utilized and your seating capacity, you should begin thinking about configuration....
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The New Normal - Preparing Your Facility and  Guests for a Safe Return

Events and gatherings are on pause while the world recovers, but monitoring and maintaining your facility still continues. Here are some important...
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Beginning your Arena Design - Basic seating Layout terms

An arena reflects the spirit and strength of a college or city. It can anchor your community and provide a year-round revenue stream from sports,...
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Gymnasium Seating Layout - Understanding Commonly-Used Terms

Whether you’re renovating a school gymnasium or starting a new build from scratch, you'll face many challenges while planning a space that is a...
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