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Anne Chapman

Anne Chapman is a member of the Irwin Seating marketing team. She has a deep understanding of upholstery fabric trends, performance standards and durability. She is also passionate about sustainability and event experiences.

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How To Communicate COVID-19 Updates as a Venue Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every area of American life, and many venues and gathering places remain closed or are operating well...
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Selecting Fabrics and Finishes for Fixed Seating

The combination of fabrics and frame finishes you choose give your venue its unique look and feel. At Irwin Seating, we offer a wide range of...
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How Stadiums and Arenas Still Spread Joy in 2020

Very few things equal the joy and excitement of thousands of fans streaming into stadiums and arenas to see their favorite sports teams and music...
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How Cinemas, PACs, and other Venues Still Spread Joy in 2020

This has been an especially challenging year for cinemas and performing art centers, as well as for the audiences who love them. Being unable to...
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Sustainability Basics for Venues & Venue Operators

Environmental stewardship is possible in any business, but entertainment venues are perhaps among the best positioned to make a difference. The...
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3 Benefits of Powering Telescopic Seating for Gymnasiums

Your facility's gymnasium likely sees use for far more than gym class. It's the site of games, art and science shows, scholastic competitions,...
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Fixed Seating vs. Telescoping Seating: How to Blend Them Best

In setting out to design any public assembly venue, there are a variety of seating options that could fit the space well. Each has unique benefits...
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Basics of ADA and Accessibility for Auditoriums

Making accessible and ADA-compliant event spaces is a serious responsibility for designers. It allows for everyone who attends events in your...
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Challenges & Solutions for Restoring Historical Theaters

In 1998, Irwin Seating purchased a subsidiary that specialized in restorations. Experienced and dedicated project managers and restorers came with...
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Getting a Perfect Seat for the Esports Action

Esports—or, competitive video gaming—is a vast and growing enterprise, with millions of fans worldwide and billions of revenue dollars up for...
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7 Retractable Seat Types for Gymnasiums

In many schools, the gymnasium is the multifunctional heart of the school, where every type of gathering and event takes place. It is the location...
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Helping Clients Set Expectations for Their Space

Whether it’s a brand new space or an update of a historic one, there's a lot to consider when planning a venue. Managing client expectations and...
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Code Considerations and Fire Safety for Auditoriums

One of the most important commitments an auditorium designer has is ensuring the safety of those who will use the space. According to the NFPA,...
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Safety First: Maintaining Your Telescopic Seating

We can't control when our fans will return in full force, but we can control how we prepare for their arrival. Now more than ever, safety and...
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