3 Benefits of Powering Telescopic Seating for Gymnasiums

benefits of telescopic seating for gymnasiums

Your facility's gymnasium likely sees use for far more than gym class. It's the site of games, art and science shows, scholastic competitions, lunches and more. Telescopic seating allows you to convert the space on the fly to accommodate whatever sort of gathering or event you have planned. While manually operated telescopic seating systems are available, there are many benefits to choosing a powered system instead.

Benefits of electrical operation

When you choose electric operation, you make things faster, safer, and more convenient for everyone on your team. Telescopic units can be heavy, and adding upgraded seating or accessories means extra weight. A powered system eliminates concerns about weight and makes operation simple for every member of your team.

Electric motors are vital in larger facilities, where set up time and staff are key considerations. In the Fitzpatrick Arena (where our installation includes 1,160 Infinity Seat modules and 336 Integra Chairs) each section features self-storing side rails. They're all powered efficiently and reliably by two 208/230 VAC, three-phase IDS motors, which makes set up a breeze and allows more time for the events

Flexibility in Operation

Motorized telescopic seating integrates special mechanisms that allow you to get more out of your gymnasium. When it's time for seats to be deployed, the room can be fully furnished in a matter of minutes with very little hands on work. If only a partial retraction of seats is required, the system can control how many rows are retracted and how many are left out.

Depending on the size of your facility, you may need as few as two team members to get seats deployed and put away again. This leaves you with more efficient operation and fewer people needed on hand to get the space ready for whatever event you are planning.

Operation of powered telescopic seating is quiet, as well. This is a boon in many gymnasiums. Often, the gym has to be used for more than one function at once. Seating might be set up for an afterschool game, for instance, while a gym class is meeting at the other side of the room. The quiet operation of Irwin’s powered telescopic units allows for set up that won’t disrupt other gym users.

Aisle lighting

Aisle lighting is easily integrated with the system when you are using powered telescoping seats. These lights illuminate the edge of the aisle, and provide a pool of light that makes it easier to see and navigate each step.

It should be noted that these lights are typically dimmed or shut off completely during performances. They are not intended to provide code compliance across the breadth of an aisle, or to function as emergency lighting. Instead, they are a system that makes your retractable seating more welcoming and convenient.

Things to Know About Powered Telescopic Seating

Powered telescopic seating saves working hours for your crew. This seating set up can cut the amount of people needed to reconfigure your facility for each event and cut the time they spend doing it. But, for smooth and satisfactory operation, some planning needs to be observed before this seating is put in place.

It's important to carefully choose the flooring materials that will be underneath the telescopic seating. Telescopic units perform fairly well over carpet. However, carpet has been known to interfere with operation as the system tries to follow the nap of the carpet. To keep everything running smoothly, a hard surface material such as Masonite should be installed over the carpet along the wheel path and the power unit areas.

Tile floors that use glued VCT also require special consideration. The torque that is applied by the power unit to open and close the seating unit can cause glue to fail and for tiles to be pulled loose from the floor.

Grouted tiles can also be an area of concern. These tiles may be prone to breakage due to the overall weight of the bleacher unit and the force of the power unit moving these back and forth.

By choosing the site of telescopic seating well and making the necessary upgrades and modifications, you can ensure hassle-free operation for years.

At Irwin Seating Company, we bring years of experience to every room we help furnish. We can recommend the best stationary or retractable seats for your gymnasium, as well as the power option that will work best with the seating that you choose. We can help you design a facility that will accommodate every activity that goes on inside it, no matter what the season, purpose or the size of the audience you anticipate. Get in touch today to learn more about our past project, as well as the seating options that will work best for you.


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