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Navigating Supply Chain Challenges Successfully

COVID-19 has impacted supply chain issues in a large number of industries, including the seating industry. The pandemic, however, is just one of...
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Cinema & The Age of Streaming

Over the years, release gaps—the time between a movie’s theatrical debut and release on streaming services, DVD, or BluRay—have been steadily...
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Understanding & Engaging With the eSports Community

The community of eSports fans and players is just as important as the in-game action. They continually interact through a myriad of physical and...
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Repurposability: Flexibility & Adaptability of Spaces in Colleges & Universities

Over the last two decades, college and university campuses have been expanding at record rates. Often, these changes and expansions add luxury...
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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Fixed Seating Products

CDC and EPA Guidelines The cleaning guidelines for all Irwin products align with the guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and...
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Irwin Seating Wins 2020 Plex Impact Award for Product/Technology Innovation

At Irwin Seating Company, we take pride in manufacturing products to the highest standards of quality. We are a fourth-generation, family-owned...
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Embracing the Future of Esports: Adapting Your Venue

Competitive video gaming has been surging in popularity—over 256 million people have watched at least one Esports competition. Hosting Esports...
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What Opportunities Do Esports Create?

More and more organizations are adding eSports to their offerings right alongside traditional sports. While it can seem like they are simply...
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How Your Outdoor Seating Stands Up to Inclement Weather

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail—your outdoor venue’s seating has to weather it all. Different geographic areas are prone to different weather events,...
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How to Blend Different Chairs in One Space

Offering different ticket levels—like general, club, and suite—is a great way to bring in more guests to your venue’s events. Guests have come to...
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What Is Beam Mount Seating?

Seating innovations mean that the options available to venue owners are always getting better. Beam mount seating is one of these innovations that...
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Why You Should Consider Investing in Esports at Your Venue

As long as video games have existed, there have been competitions that featured them. The earliest known competition was a game of Spacewar played...
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Live Events Revisited: How Outdoor Venues are Reinventing Live Events

We've all missed it: the shouting crowds as your team scores. The friendly atmosphere as tailgaters grill hotdogs and ladle chili into bowls. A...
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How Venues are Adapting Seating Charts with Pod Seating

As we've come to understand more about the coronavirus, we've learned the importance of maintaining adequate space around us to prevent...
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